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Vojtech Míca


July 4, 2024 to September 13, 2024

ARTBASE Wiesbaden

Vojtěch Míča's art is absolutely unique and refuses to be categorized in terms of art history. In some respects it is related to Brutalism and Minimalism, but at the same time there are flashes of something almost baroque and playful.

The secret of his art seems to be his ability to observe precisely, allow contradictions and deal with them creatively.

Our current exhibition is dedicated to his drawings, which are works of art in their own right and an aesthetic delight. They are characterized by a playful quality: the lines are almost dance-like, anticipating the leap into three-dimensionality.

The Prague artist is a master in all sculptural disciplines. He expresses philosophical thoughts in concrete, bronze, steel, marble, stone, synthetic resin and wood - no wonder he was appointed associate professor at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. No wonder his city commissioned him to restore all the marble and sandstone sculptures on the famous Charles Bridge, Prague's landmark, or to replace them with replicas.

It is a miracle, however, that Vojtěch Míča still finds the time to conceive and create his very own, mysterious and sometimes huge objects.

They have already been shown in many places, including Australia at Sculpture By The Sea, the largest sculpture show in the world.

You can order a catalogue from us that illustrates the range and uniqueness of his art. And, of course, we also sell his works of art. Worldwide.

Installation shots

Artist's works

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