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ARTBASE is a contemporary art gallery based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Our mission is to pioneer exhibitions across a variety of genres and media, presenting upcoming & well-established artists with singular points of view.



ARTBASE was founded in Bad Homburg in 2017 with big names such as Penck, Pettibon and Polke together with younger artists such as Jacques Gassmann, Sigrun Ólafsdóttir and Eve Bergman. To this day, we are happy to show the works of established artists alongside promising new talents. 



In 2019, ARTBASE moved to Wiesbaden in a spacious house from the Art Deco period with a former dance hall and high walls, where 2-3 solo exhibitions can be staged in parallel and different artistic styles and positions can be put into dialogue. Twice a year, we invite collectors and artists to large art events that offer them the opportunity to get to know each other, which has already resulted in interesting co-productions among our artists.

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