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Max Mallender lives and works in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Since 2009 exhibitions, art festivals and residences have taken him to different cities in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Part of ARTBASE since 2022

On request, we will gladly send you a detailed curriculum vitae and the current exhibition overview by e-mail.

Here is a selection of his work. On request, we will be happy to send you an extended selection of works that may be for sale.

Max Mallender has the gift of looking at the things around him with an open mind. Freed from everyday, ordinary connotations, his creativity is almost limitless.

This way of perceiving materials, situations, textures, movements and spatial conditions often leads him to create installations in addition to paintings.

His working style is impetuous, spontaneous and deliberately imperfect. His works radiate serenity, impartiality and generosity.

Through an apparent lack of intention, he achieves an emotional quality that tells of lost innocence, for example.

His plant portraits in particular describe the gap between the lost paradise and the rough pavement of the big cities somewhere on earth.

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