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Jacques Gassmann


July 2, 2022 to August 30, 2022

ARTBASE Wiesbaden

JACQUES GASSMANN is considered a revolutionary in ink painting.

His paintings and drawings fire the imagination with a wide range of narratives and interpretations.

In a solo exhibition we are showing works from various work cycles that document his experimental and at the same time confident handling of this millennia-old painting medium.

His openness and willingness to engage with new things again and again is also evident in the diversity of his themes.

Among other things, we are showing works from his series “Coasts”. Gassmann transfers stretches of coastline from the perspective of satellite photographs onto canvas with cartographic precision. He removes all traces of civilisation and abstracts them into untouched terra incognita washed by the sea.

To the fine sheen of the ink, Gassmann adds countless gradations of colour, achieving an elegance coupled with depth and ambiguity. Whether on canvas, paper or cardboard: he always succeeds in unleashing figure, colour and surface.

Perhaps his most famous works bear the overarching title “Ogrody” (Garden).

They are of a green that has hypnotic power.

Gassmann has patented this green.

We have decided not to reproduce a photograph of it here. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Welcome to the exhibition!

Installation shots

Artist's works

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