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Julia Sossinka


March 14, 2024 to June 29, 2024

ARTBASE Wiesbaden

Whether paper, cardboard, ink, oil or acrylic - JULIA SOSSINKA, the young master student of Prof. Markus Lüpertz plays with the performative and sculptural potential of art and translates sensory impressions from nature into the language of abstraction in her very own way.

Sossinka's fascination with the power, versatility and independence of nature is reflected in her art. Her latest works are small and heavy and almost too good to be hung on the wall. They want to be held in the hand and turned and twisted. They are the manifestation of walks through landscapes never before entered.

And there are shimmering mosaics reminiscent of a school of small fish or a sea of petals, made of overlapping, ink-soaked watercolor cardboard. Some of them grow into the 3rd dimension, forming spirals, arches, undercuts and seeming to cancel out gravity.

Open on appointment, daily from 11am-7pm.

Tel: +4915111632540
Alt Auringen 40, 65207 Wiesbaden

Installation shots

Artist's works

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